The Gourmet Carnivore Story

The Only Place on the Planet Where Foodie Meets Farmer

Gourmet CarnivoreHere’s what we do.  Simply put, we produce the best Kurobuta or Berkshire Pork on the planet.

That’s a big statement; but, as someone once said, if it’s true; it ain’t braggin’.

Here’s our story.

We are foodies and farmers with a special affinity for fine pork.

We raise our Berkshire a.k.a. Kurobuta Pork in a relaxed, comfortable environment and with an all-natural growing regimen that produces the best pork you’ve ever had.  But you don’t have to take our word for it, we guarantee it with our no-risk, “Best Pork You’ve Ever Had” guarantee.

Gourmet Carnivore

We oversee the entire operation at our small family farm in Fremont, Michigan.

We are not a factory or even a quasi-factory farm operation.  We are a very small, family farm owned by dedicated foodies who breed the best quality Berkshire hogs and raise them to market weight in a comfortable environment on a high quality diet to create the healthiest and best marbled pork you have ever had the pleasure of tasting.

There are several online and offline retailers who claim to offer you the best in high quality Kurobuta or Berkshire Pork.  But, if you’re a true foodie and paying attention to detail, there is one thing all these retailers lack – they don’t actually control the entire growing process from start to finish.

That’s what sets us apart.  We are foodie farmers who retail direct to our customers.  We have designed, we oversee and we execute every step of the production process.  We don’t outsource the process to family farms in order to allow us to only retail; we control every aspect of the process.

All breeding is done on our farm selecting only the finest purebred Berkshire breeding stock.  The feeding protocols are strictly monitored and controlled.  Much of the feed fed to our hogs is grown year round on our farm in a climate controlled environment.  Outside feed sources are carefully selected and we pick up and inspect these feeds directly.  At the hog’s maturity, we personally transport the hogs to an approved USDA processing facility where the pork is processed in accordance with our exacting specifications.  Then, once processed, the pork is returned to the farm where it is stored in our on-site, walk-in, commercial freezer prior to shipping.

The end product ends up within ¼ mile of where it starts.  That’s the ultimate in quality control and is unmatched as far as we know by any Kurobuta or Berkshire pork provider anywhere.

Why do we worry about every detail when it seems no one else does?

Simple.  If you want to produce the best pork on the planet, you have to get serious about every point of the production process; you have to be a control freak.  Anything less leaves you short of the best.

If it’s true confession time, we’ll admit it – we are control freaks.

But would you want it any other way?

If you were to pick someone to grow your food for you, would you want a retailer or a paranoid, control-freak, foodie farmer who is constantly working to make sure you get the best of the best?

We are passionate about what we do and the end product proves it.

And here is the best part.  Even though we have an exacting, labor-intensive, one-of-a-kind finishing process to create the best Kurobuta or Berkshire pork on the planet, because we sell direct we can offer our superior product at prices at or below our competitors who use an inferior finishing process.

But our process is not without trade-offs.

Because we control and freak out over every little detail in the production process, we have very limited capacity for non-member customers and are often sold out of many items.

That’s because we won’t sacrifice quality to get quantity.  We won’t outsource our finishing process to other farmers in order to increase quantity.  We want the best quality product, at a fair price offered to customers who love and appreciate what we do.

If you fall in love with our pork and want to insure you can enjoy it on a consistent basis rather than only when it is available to non-members, you might want to become a “Hogshare” member.  There is no membership fee to become a Hogshare member, you need only choose a “Best Pork on the Planet” membership plan.  As a Hogshare member, you’ll receive a monthly shipment of the best Pork on the Planet.  This shipment will come to you automatically each month for five consecutive months and you can renew for another five months if you’d like.   Because we are a small, specialized farm, there may be a waiting list for membership.

Kurobuta or Berkshire Pork not purchased by our members may occasionally be available for sale on this site.  You can visit the store area to check availability.

Thank you for visiting.